APL Primers and Tutorials

Curious about APL?

If you are simply curious about what APL is and why APLers are so crazy about "their" language but not ready to actually learn it right now, look at: APL in 20 minutes — a taster, not a tutorial.

How to learn APL

APL is more expressive than many programming languages and started from a consistent and coherent design philosophy. But it is inescapably "different" from the majority of programming languages which can make it harder for the beginner to get a quick grasp of what is and is not achievable using APL.

APL is its own best teacher - the try/see nature of the APL session is an excellent environment. But it is good to be taken for some sort of guided tour.

Tutorials on the wiki

Resources on the web


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See also: AboutApl, WhichApl

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