sfPropGrid is a Dyalog User Command that use the Syncfusion PropertyGrid control to browse the properties a .net object. Also the methods, events and constructors of the .net object are shown in a traditional list box. The constructor(s) of the selected property, method or event is shown at the bottom of the window if available.


The following assemblies (version 12.4 or newer) are required in the subdirectory /Syncfusion/4.5 of the Dyalog APL version 14 (or newer) directory:


Download the following file sfPropGrid.1.1.dyalog. Copy it to your user command directory (for advice how to organize your User Commands see UserCommands/WhereShouldTheyGo).

Typical Usage

The main function of the user command is called NOE (.Net Object Explorer). Here is some examples:

    ⎕USING←'System.Windows.Controls,WPF/PresentationFramework.dll' '' 'System'

  ⍝ A class that have not been instantiated

    ]NOE Button  

  ⍝ A class instantiated

    btn ← ⎕NEW Button

    ]NOE btn    

  ⍝ A vector of objects

    objs ← ⎕NEW¨ Button ListBox TextBox Label

    ]NOE objs    

Here is some screenshots:

properties.png methods.png events.png

Version Information

Original author:

Pierre Gilbert




<apgil AT SPAMFREE videotron DOT ca>

Thanks to DanBaronet and Vince of Dyalog for their help in writing this User Command.

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