This page lists sources offering APL training

APL Team Ltd / Kai Jaeger

Kai Jaeger has held APL training course for more than 20 years.

Lately he has developed "Sharpening your APL knife", a training course for advanced APL programmers. The course was held at Simcorp, presumably the largest APL-based software house in the world. The course was also offered at Dyalog 2008 in three units.

More details at http://aplteam.com/services/training/

APL2000 Training Courses for APL+Win, VisualAPL and APL+Unix/Linux

More details at APL2000 Training

APL Borealis / Canada

We offer APL training for any skill level. Courses can be tailored to fit your requirements. Please visit our site for course outlines and suggested topics.

More details at APL Borealis

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