How to become an author

Create an account

Note that although everybody can read any page, only "known" users can edit a page, or add a new page or delete a page. To become known to the wiki please ask for an account.

If you consider to use your real name as account name, please use the wiki syntax. For example, instead of "John Dee" use "JohnDee". That way your account name is automatically also a link to your home page within the APL wiki.

Please enter you email address not as

but as


This makes sure that your email address is shown to account holders only. The rules are: DOT, HYPHEN and AT survive, anything else in uppercase letters will be removed.

Non-existent pages

If you find yourself directed to a non-existent page, please consider writing it.

A link to a non-existing page is shown in blue+italic instand of just blue.

For example, the CsvToApl page does exist while ThisPageDoesNotExist does not.

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