Beginner's Introduction

This is a beginner's guide to editing wiki pages in the APL wiki. For general advice how to use MoinMoin-based wikis, see WikiCourse

It will be helpful to open up several browser windows when first experimenting with the wiki.

Preconditions for changing/adding pages

Note that you must create a user account and log into the wiki before you can do anything potentially harmful like changing, deleting or adding a page.

Want to contribute to the wiki but not willing to learn the wiki syntax?

Ask for help on comp.lang.apl - there is a good chance that someone will volunteer.

How to create a new page

You can add a new page in two different ways.

The "CreateNewPage" command

Select the "CreateNewPage" command from the "More Actions" combo box displayed on top and at the bottom of each page.

Keep in mind that this leaves that page unconnected to the rest of the wiki: that is why such a page is called an orphan. If you are not sure where to put your newly created page, this is the right way to create it. Others will probably add links to the new page on other pages sooner or later when it makes sense to do so.

Note that even orphaned pages can be found by the search tool. Since any page should belong to at least one Category, orphaned pages can also be found via the Categories theu belong to.

  1. Look for an appropriate page you want to put the link on.
  2. Change that page by adding the link. Using CamelCase is the easiest way to do so, but you can also use more sophisticated links; Refer to HelpOnLinking for details.

  3. Click at the link you've just created. This gives you the opportunity to creat a new page from scratch.

Next Steps

You should now be ready to edit pages on the APL wiki. See EditingGuidelines for more details. If you need further help, email to <kai AT VERY SPAMFREE aplteam DOT com>

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