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I. General Articles

Such an article is member of the category "CategoryArticles".

Don't Quote Me: In Gary Bergquist's 2001 Q2 issue of his newsletter, he posed an interesting problem about parsing lines of APL in which both single and double quote marks are used. The problem is to determine which quote marks are used to delimit strings and which ones are inside a string. The solution I came up with solves the problem in a non-looping manner using, of all things, Matrix Divide.

APL in Unicode: While writing up my solution for the Don't quote Me problem mentioned above, I had a lot of trouble getting a single APL font for that page to display correctly in both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer until I came across the Unicode fonts. I liked that solution so much, I wrote a script which can also be used as an Apache Web Server handler as well as at the command line.

A Glitch in Grade: While implementing Howard J. Smith, Jr.'s clever algorithm for dyadic character grade, I encountered a puzzle the explanation of which illuminates just how this primitive achieves its remarkable result. Moreover, there are free implementations of the comparison routine of this primitive in other languages (C, Perl, PHP).

Anatomy of an Idiom: Here's a challenging idiom (Progressive Dyadic Iota) you might have seen before, but never quite understood — let's dissect it.

II. Vendor-specific Articles

Such an article is member of the category "CategoryArticles{Vendor}"

"Vendor" can be one of those listed on the first page. If the article is not related to a particular version of APL, use "CategoryArticles".

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