APL Videos


Depth-First Tree-Search in Dyalog APL by John Scholes. Simply great.


A Soduko solver by John Scholes. Pure functional programming: no variables, no states, no side effects and of course no loops - just a couple of primitives called in the right order.

Conway's "Game of Life" in APL

Conway's "Game of Life" in APL by JohnScholes.

John first develops a program to calculate the next generation in a Game Of Life and then writes a piece of code that actually displays it, all in less than 8 minutes. This is an amazing example of what you can achieve with APL in case you know what you are doing.

Phi with APL

Palindromic Expression for Phi in APL by PhilLast.

Training Videos

Dyalog APL for APL old hands

Dyalog APL for experienced users by DanBaronet

Using a Browser OCX control in Dyalog APL

How to use the Microsoft Web Browser OCX control in Dyalog APL by DanBaronet.

Example of a class in Dyalog APL

OO Example of class in Dyalog APL by DanBaronet.

'hello world' in APL

Producing a standalone 'hello world' program in APL by DanBaronet.

Namespaces in Dyalog APL

This shows what namespaces are in APL, how to create one and how to use them

APL2000 videos

*** Other videos can be found on YouTube, search for 'APLtrainer' to see the entire list ***

Feature Presentations

APL and Unicode

How about a Nice Game of Chess? by MortenKromberg.

Morten Kromberg, CTO of Dyalog Ltd, shows why Unicode is a good thing, using Dyalog APL version 12.0 to build a GUI for playing Chess using Excel as a multi-dimensional database for recording the moves.


Interview with the APL originators from 1974

Talk show style interview with the original developers of APL from 1974 (MySpace video).


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